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Welcome to the Distant Attunement Collections

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Here at Reiki-Teacher you will find a wonderful & wide range of energy-based healing systems that you will be able to use for healing and guidance for yourself, friends, family, clients & students of your own. The golden rule with all holistic healing is that all healing starts and ends with Self. So, when receiving these attunements, know that first and foremost, their energy is for you and your personal & spiritual growth.

Please note:  some of the systems being offered do have a **pre-requisite, which will be stated on the systems that require it (before the systems’ write-up).

Angel Attunements

Angel Attunements are a wonderful, powerful & harmonious energy that you can use on a daily basis for healing yourself and/or others, guiding you on your spiritual path or to enhance your connection to the Angelic Realms.

Energy Healing Attunements

Energy Healing Attunements are a powerful and gentle way of working with energy.  If you aren’t into angels or any of the Reiki systems listed, then these Energy Healing Attunements are an alternative to introduce you to further increase your healing practice or for people new to energy and energy work. 

Reiki Attunements

There are a number of different Reiki systems / modalities available on this site to benefit, or compliment, the healing work of any practitioner/teacher.  These attunements will enable you to add to your ‘healing toolbox’ and allow your spiritual development to become more enhanced and your knowledge widened through the use of any of these systems.

I offer two methods of receiving your attunement/s; the real time method or the orb of light-chi ball method.  There are info sheets for these methods in your attachments when you purchase your chosen attunement/s.  Please note any time differences when choosing the real-time method! 


All details for passing attunements onto others are included in each manual.

◊  All certificates will be emailed after all attunement/s have been received  ◊

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