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Nusta Karpay

Coming April 2024

The 7 Rites of the Nusta Karpay are:

1.  Mama Ocllo

She is the daughter of Father Sun and Mother Earth and originates from Lake Titicaca. She is the Earth Goddess, Great Mother of all Goddesses and also the Goddess of Wisdom. The essence of Mama Ocllo is to ground us in our center and find our inner sanctity. This rite heals our female power and restores balance. This rite prepares us to receive the initiations from the other rites, as it opens our chakras and connects us with a luminous spiral of light from root to crown. During this rite we receive the seeds of light in each of our chakras. These seeds are connected to the seven shamanic archetypes through seven stones.       Benefits: Increased vitality, passion and physical security. Helps overcome hostility, anxiety, depression and lack of confidence in one’s future.


2.  Doña Mujia

The Goddess of Water. Mujia means mermaid and represents the spirit of the water. Her energy is about letting go. This initiation helps us release the negative aspects of our ego and opens you to the concept of selfless union with others. It assists in releasing connections to roles while inviting us to transform roles into positive interactions. This is a Flowering rite: the tools used for this initiation are flowers and water.     Benefits: Clears emotions and feelings, trusting, faith. Helps release jealousy, resentfulness, loneliness, and shyness.


3.  Mama Simone

The Goddess of our ancestors. Connecting with the ancient feminine lineage, the ancestors, connecting with our roots, coming home to find self. This rite enables us to connect not only with Mother Earth, but also to achieve a deeper connection with ourselves and with the land we call home. 

Benefits: Self-esteem, positive self-image, personal power, independence, happiness, in touch with one’s gift, alignment with cosmic personal path. Releases dependency, lack of confidence, self-condemnation, hostility, aggression.

4.  Doña Teresa

She is the Goddess of harmony and softness, connected to our souls, associated with the heart shaped mountain near Apu Ausengate in Peru. This rite opens our hearts to all that is. It clears the energy around our hearts so that we may experience our emotions purely without judgment and see life with clarity through the eyes of our hearts.     Benefits: Loving, caring, generous, selfless, healing, nurturing, balanced, discerning; releasing indecision, paranoia, criticalness, manic depression, moodiness, co-dependency.

Dream Catcher with White Feathers

5.  Maria Sakapana

Spiral of the Wind, she is the Goddess of Communication, associated with the two physical locations: Bolivia/Peru altiplano, near Lake Titicaca and a location between Q’eros Nation and Apu Asusungate. These are the places where the paqos (Inca shamans/priests) and others go to open up and clear their fifth chakra to speak their truth. This rite invites us to release all that holds us back from speaking our truths, and eases the way into our True Self. This is a deeply cleansing rite.  Benefits: Good communication and expression; creativity, inspiration, contentedness, living in the present; harmonious, intuition, vision, clarity of thoughts and emotions, releasing poor communication, inability to express thoughts, fear, and timidity.

6.  Huana Huaman Tikkla

Connection to the Falcon Temple/the Temple of Clear Vision. This is the journey we take to gain clarity and to do our deep visionary work. With this rite we are connected to the spirits of the Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor to assist us in understanding life with clarity and with a higher perspective. All of these are considered feminine characteristics. This rite is an energetic transmission for the opening of our third eye, inner vision, and the way to connect with the spirit realm. The tool for this rite is one of your favorite items that symbolize vision, perspective and seeing’.    Benefits: Integrated life, light energy, higher consciousness knowledge, connection to source, grounded in life’s purpose, releasing confusion and fogginess, reconnection to or lessening feelings of disconnection.

7.  Tomasa Huaman Tikkla

Sister of Huana Huaman Tikkla, they reside together. The Goddess of Freedom. This is the rite of transformation, it opens your crown chakra connecting you to your True Self.      Benefits: This rite is the integration of all the foregoing Ñustas and their blessings, connecting us to the seven sisters, the seven stars of the Pleiades.

The cost for all 7 Nusta Karpay Rites is £100, with a £20 non-refundable deposit.

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