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Reiki Level 1 - Foundation Level

This is the level at which one is encouraged to focus on self-healing and understanding how healing energies feels and works. This serves several purposes, such as enabling the person to channel more energy to others as their own energy field is optimised and getting the person used to the sensations associated with the energies.

Awaken Your Inner Healing Energy with Reiki Level 1.
Drawn Reiki Kanji Image

During the level 1 Reiki course you will learn:

◊  What Reiki is

◊  How Reiki works

◊  The History of Reiki

◊  The 5 Reiki Principles

◊  The Energy Shift

◊  Using & working with Reiki

◊  Grounding, Protection & Cleansing

◊  The 7 Main Chakras

◊  The Aura

◊  Reiki Hand Positions

◊  A Meditation

◊  Many uses for Reiki

You will be shown how to use the Hand Positions and then practice throughout the day.

You will receive an emailed copy of the Theory of Reiki manual before the agreed course date and the full Reiki 1 Manual will be given to you on the day of the course. 

This is a one day course, starting 10:30, finishing 5:30 approx. on a day that is most convenient to you; weekends or weekdays. 


The cost of this course is £85, with a £15 non-refundable deposit.

Artwork by Karmen 2012-2024

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