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Reiki Level 3a -
Advanced Practitioner Level

Reiki 3 is divided into two parts: Advanced Practitioner level (3a) and Reiki Master Teacher (3b).

The Advanced Practitioner course is for those who wish to renew and deepen their learning and commitment to Reiki, for the power of the Reiki energy they channel to be increased and do not, at this stage, wish to teach and attune others. 


It’s a great level to learn if you feel you want to go beyond the teachings and experiences of Reiki level 2 without the desire to teach.

Drawn Reiki Kanji Image

Artwork by Karmen 2012-2024

During the level 3a Reiki course you will learn:

◊  2 new Reiki Symbols & their uses

◊  Reiki Crystal Grid & how to use it

◊  Psychic Surgery

◊  Healing Attunement

◊  Reiki Meditation

You will be shown how to draw all of the symbols and be given their meanings and their uses. 


You will also have the opportunity to do a healing using all of the symbols that you will be attuned to at this level.

This is a two day course, starting both days at 10:30, finishing 5:30 approx, on a day that is most convenient to you; weekends or weekdays. 


The cost of this course is £150, with a £30 non-refundable deposit.

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