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Soul Plan Readings

Soul Plan is a unique blend of Science, Numerology and Spirituality; a very powerful and accurate system of life purpose, analysis and direction.

Soul Plan uses the vibrational resonance of your birth name and can help you to overcome any challenges you’re experiencing (or have experienced) as well as giving clarity to your talents (known or unknown) and insight to your goals and ultimately your true nature, your core soul essence.

Purple Soul Plan Image

A Soul Plan reading can help you to better understand yourself, the direction in your life and to also give you a higher sense of purpose.

I take your name as it appears on your birth certificate and give all the letters a numerical value and place these around the Star of Creation, as seen in the example below….

Example of Star of David Soul Plan Chart

The downward triangle represents the first 30-40 years of your life and tends to relate to our relationship with the world; career, job, security and society and also reflects the “I” and “me” aspect of our perception and way of thinking.  It’s our earthly, physical expression.  It is the ‘Worldly’ aspect of your Soul Plan chart.

The upward triangle represents our ‘Spiritual’ aspect of self and at around the age of 30 onwards it become more relevant, where we see beyond ourselves and look more ‘outwards’; seeing beyond the physical body and the physical existence. 

At the centre of the Star of Creation it represents our Soul Destiny or Soul Purpose – this is who we are at a deeper level, our core essence.  Working around the Star allows you to fully understand your talents and goals to get you more aligned with your Soul Purpose.


Some readings can trigger a change in people as they begin to fully see what things or challenges have been holding them back or to help change any negative or limited beliefs that have kept them stagnating.  Others feel a relief to know that there is a way forward and to see the direction they want or need to follow, knowing that they’re more aligned with the inner Self & Soul Purpose.  Some feel a sense of strength to know that the path they’re on is the right one.

Cost of a Soul Plan Reading:   £77        

***Please note that your Soul Plan Reading will be emailed to you; please check your spam folder if you cannot find it in your inbox!***

Additional Soul Plan Readings

Name Changes / Overlays / Shortened Names

This is ideal for those who may be debating to go by a different name/spiritual name, a name that is shortened (i.e. Matt rather than Matthew) or for someone who’s getting married.  This is also good for people who grew up with a shortened version of their name and would like to look at the difference between the names and charts (Overlays).


We can look at new names to see which has the best dynamic to align to and to help navigate any difficulties that may arise.  We can also look for which name holds the optimum vibrational energy for you and your Soul Purpose journey.  A new name will always change the vibrational resonances within a chart.


Relationship Readings

This is a fantastic way of finding out the try dynamics of any type of relationship you have, whether it be with a colleague, friend, sibling, spouse, child or parent.  It can help to identify and highlight any clashes or negativity/limitations that may be between you and to help give you understanding and clarity to bring positivity and balance back to the relationship or to help you avoid potential potholes along the way.


Venture / Business Names

This is similar to the Relationships and Names Changes, where we will look at the proposed names for its strengths and success (or lack of it!), look for any areas of concern or where you may need to give further attention and detail to.


Costs for the Additional Readings:


Name Changes / Overlays / Shortened Names:                £ 88

A maximum of 3 names will be looked at with this cost. 

Additional names will be charged £15 per name per name. 

Relationships:           £ 99

A maximum of 4 people will apply with this cost (your name and up to 4 others). 

Additional names will be charged £15 per name.  

Venture / Business Names:             £ 110

Again, there is a limit of 5 proposed names that will be looked at during the initial reading. 

Additional names will be charged £15 per name per name.

Dark Purple 'Step into the light of your Soul' mandala Image
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