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Munay Ki

The Nine Rites of Awakening:

◊   The Healers Rite, which connects you to a lineage of Earthkeepers from the past who come to assist in your personal healing

◊   The Bands of Power, which are installed into your Luminous Energy Field and provide essential protection


◊   The Harmony Rite, where 7 Shamanic Archetypes are integrated with yoru Chakra System.  These include the Serpent, the Jaguar, the Hummingbird & three ‘Archangels’

◊   The Seers Rite, which awakens your ability to perceive the  world on energy all around us

◊   The Daykeeper Rite, which connects you to the power of the ancient stone altars at sacred places all around the world & begin the process of healing their inner Feminine

◊   The Wisdomkeepers Rite, which helps you step out of time & taste infinity, projecting the ancient medicine teachings & discerning when it is appropriate to share them with others

◊   The Earthkeepers Rite, which helps you learn the ways of the seer & dream the world into being


◊    The Starkeepers Rite, which awakens the Christ & Buddha consciousness within & enables the body to start to transform & evolve into that of Homo Luminous

◊   The Creators Rite, which awakens the Creator-Light within & a sense of stewardship of all creation.  After you receive this rite, you are gifted a Pi Stone that represents your ability to become a conduit between the manifest & non-manifest worlds; your key to the hyper-dimensional matrix of the Universe


This course is held over 3 separate sessions where you will receive 3 Rites in turn, with the last session receiving 4 Rites.   

Each session is spaced 3-4 weeks apart, to allow the energies of the first session to anchor & integrate, before receiving the next.


You must attend all three sessions to complete the Munay Ki, following which you can pass on the system to others, should it be your wish.

The course is held at a time that is most convenient to you; weekends or weekdays. 

The cost for all 9 Munay Ki Rites is £100, with a £20 non-refundable deposit.

You can pay in full for all the Rites before the first of the three initiations or £30 for each of the first two months, £40 for the final month (or £10 per Rite).

Earth Energy Courses Image

I am pleased to announce that I am also offering the Rite of the Womb as an additional session.

This Rite was channelled by Alberto Villoldo’s wife, Marcela Lobos, which comes from the women of the Amazon who have transcended fear & pain to heal the womb and in turn, the planet.

This Rite is available for both women and men: for women, after receiving this rite, will help to cleanse and heal any pain she is holding from her female lineage, and any experience of trauma, pain or abuse, (sexual and/or gynaecological) that which has disempowered the feminine power. When a man receives this rite, it will heal his feminine side.  It will also help him to heal any discord with his mother/mother energy in his life.  It will also help to heal the womb of his female partner.

This Rite can be received after you have received the first 9 Rites of the Munay Ki or as a separate Rite (please note that there is no 10th, 11th & 12th Rites; the 13th Rite relates to the 13 phases of the moon in a year!)

The course is held at a time that is most convenient to you; weekends or weekdays. 


The cost for the Rite of the Womb is £40, with a £10 non-refundable deposit.

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