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** Kundalini Awakening 1-3 pre-requisite**


**Price fixed by founder**


Channelled in 2022 by Jay Burrell


The energies of the Advanced Kundalini Awakening Healing Empowerments are a continuation of the original Kundalini Awakening 1-3 system that Jay channelled in 2020. These energies are not only enjoyable to receive and work with but they have been designed in such a way that they will give you a new perspective on what it means to tap into and awaken your Kundalini energies. Advanced Kundalini Awakening will work to assist you in releasing all restrictive and non-serving energies so you can fully embrace the development of your healing abilities, psychic awakening and to help you become aware of your ability to channel a much higher vibrational energy through your aura and chakra system.


Becoming an Advanced Kundalini Awakening Healing Empowerment Master/Teacher is a significant step forward for anyone to take on their spiritual and healing path for it guides you towards personal enlightenment and ascension. Having completed the pre-requisite of Kundalini Awakening levels 1-3, you are now ready to open yourself to the blessings of the Master level energies. Through your attunements, you will learn how to create an orb of golden energy and a rainbow diamond which will encompass all of the vibrations of this system. The holden orb and rainbow diamond will expand outwards from the core of your being to signify the expansive awareness of your personal development and spiritual progression to becoming an Advanced Kundalini Awakening Healing Empowerment Master/Teacher.


When your Kundalini energy is awakened, it will bring forth the powerful vibrations that reside deep within your soul. This force slowly and steadily moves in an upwards direction so that it can flow out through your energy body. Working with this next step of personal Kundalini awakening you will accelerate your spiritual path to new levels of enlightenment awareness. Of course, this path can take many years to fully realise and maintain but even a small amount of progression can give you access to these qualities which can then be used for healing and self-development. The Advanced Kundalini Awakening Healing Empowerments have been stripped back of any outside influence or energetic alteration so its primary focus is on you and the energy! Finally, it will work by giving you a way to experience and work with the true reality of what Kundalini is and the higher bands of energy without the need for complicated theories or restraints.


With the Advanced Kundalini Awakening Healing Empowerments, you will learn about the following, plus much more:

~ Introduction to Advanced Kundalini Training

~ The Kundalini Golden Teacher Sacred Seal

~ A Message from Rakesh (Jay’s guide)

~ The 7 levels of Advanced Kundalini Awakening Healing Empowerments including Kundalini Fire, Kundalini Prism, Kundalini Gold, Kundalini Rainbow Diamond and many more


**Important Information: When it comes to booking your 7 attunements, these must be booked separately and not all at once. Guidelines to the time left between each level/attunement will be found within the manual**


You will receive:

◊ the Advanced Kundalini Awakening zipped manual

◊ 7 distant attunements that can be received via the orb of light method or in real time – info sheets contained within the zipped file

◊ an emailed certificate upon completion

◊ on-going support

Advanced Kundalini Awakening Healing Empowerments

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