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Angels are always watching over us, listening, waiting to be called upon. By receiving this beautiful attunement, you will be able to strengthen the connection to each Archangel and the Colour Ray that they work from, just by visualising the colour they’re associated with.


The Archangels & the Colour Rays they are associated with are:

Archangel Michael

(Protection & Power)

Blue Ray

Archangel Jophiel

(Illumination & Knowledge) Yellow Ray

Archangel Chamuel


Pink Ray

Archangel Gabriel

(Harmony & Purity)

White Ray

Archangel Raphael


Green Ray

Archangel Uriel

(Peace) Gold Ray


You will receive:

◊ the Colours of Angels zipped manual

◊ 1 distant attunement that can be received via the orb of light method or in real time – info sheets contained within the zipped file

◊ an emailed certificate upon completion

◊ on-going support

Colours of Angels

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