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**Pre-requisite – Reiki Practitioner (Usui, Angelic, Seichim or similar) or above


Founder Martyn Pentecost


Karmic Auric Reiki is the Reiki version of Regression Therapy! It was created by Martyn Pentecost and is a great style of Reiki which is used in a different way to help deal with the various issues that arise from negative karmic events.


It is a style of Reiki that uses incredibly powerful frequencies of energy to deal with Karmic issues and to help the client to connect with their guides for complete karmic healing.


There are 5 Karmic Reiki symbols: 2 are used as other Reiki symbols to help ease the effects of ‘anonymous’ karma and 3 other provide extremely powerful frequencies of energy which can bring about truly amazing results, even revealing in great detail events from people’s past lives.


**Please note that there are two levels to Karmic Aura Reiki; Practitioner level & Master level, which are to be received on separate attunements/occasions. Again, with Usui Reiki, a period of integration, adjustment, learning & practice is recommended**


Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the healing energy for yourself and others, and also attune others to this system.


You will receive:

◊ 2 Karmic Aura Reiki zipped manuals

◊ 2 distant attunements that can be received via the orb of light method or in real time – info sheets contained within the zipped file

◊ an emailed certificate upon completion

◊ on-going support

Karmic Auric Reiki

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