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Founder Stephanie Brail


One of the most common blocks to healing of ourselves or through trying to help others is an inner resistance to change.


Even though we all think that we want change in our lives, there is always a part of the human psyche that really doesn’t want this change to occur. It is not that the change isn’t wanted or that you want things to get better, the problem is that making our lives better sometimes means we need to change things in our lives which we have help onto for such a long period of time that it becomes a habit which is hard to break.


It is also easier to point the finger outside ourselves and blame external circumstance for all our woes than it is to really look into who we are and how we behave to find the cause for this resistance to move forward.


The Releasing Resistance Reiki energy will work on clearing inner resistance to change. It can help release the grip of the frightened ego and clear away negative thought-forms that might keep us addicted to pain and drama.


Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the healing energy for yourself and others, and also attune others to this system.


You will receive:

◊ the Releasing Resistance Reiki zipped manual

◊ 1 distant attunement that can be received via the orb of light method or in real time – info sheets contained within the zipped file

◊ an emailed certificate upon completion

◊ on-going support

Releasing Resistance Reiki

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