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Founder Elizabeth (Starlightowl) Hibel


Sacred Earth Chakras is a system of loving natural attunements to help connect you with Mother Earth and expand the loving energy everywhere.


The system is divided into 3 manuals, as follows:

◊ The Sacred Earth Chakras

◊ The Spinner Wheels & Sacred Centres

◊ The Rainbow Serpent & the Plumed Serpent


The Sacred Earth Chakras

This the first of the three attunements. It contains 7 attunements that correspond to each of the earth's chakras and each of our 7 major chakras.

A long time ago, before the ancient wisdom of the Pagan and Indigenous peoples were largely wiped off the map, people KNEW that the Earth was a living being. Their survival was much more intimately connected with the flow of the seasons, the weather and the cycles of the Earth/ the human body also has its chakra system and the Earth, as a living entity, also has her own chakra system.


Many of us tend to be overbalanced in our upper chakras. But it’s the lower chakras, the feet, the tows and the Earth Star chakra that we need to tap into the Earth’s energy.


This attunement connects you with the 12 Foundation Sites for the complete Planetary Chakra Structure, as well as the 13th Site of Synthesis.


The 7 attunements are:

• 1st chakra – Mt. Shasta, California• 2nd chakra – Lake Titicaca, South America• 3rd chakra – Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia• 4th chakra – Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England• 5th chakra – Great Pyramid-Mt. of Olives• 6th chakra – Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran• 7th chakra – Mt. Kailas, Tibet


The Spinner Wheels & Sacred Centres

This is the second of the three attunements and it also contains seven attunements. These correspond to the four spinner wheels and three centres.


These are the major sacred sites areas, which generate the four alchemical forces symbolised by Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The Spinner Wheels are vortices for the four elements. They are called Spinner Wheels because the Earth energies emanate from them in either a spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise motion. As with the Earth Chakras, the four Spinner Wheels are each a part of a triune group, giving a total of 13 sites.


~ The Fire Spinner Wheel generates liberty & Will – Haleakaka Crater, Hawaii

~ The Air Wheel develops more abundant qualities of life – Mount Sinai & Mount of Olives, Israel

~ The Water Wheel expands love – Lake Rotopounama, New Zealand

~ The Earth Spinner uses light to immortalise structure – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

~ The Harmony Centre – El Tule, Mexico

~ The World Purification Centre – Bali

~ The Immortality Centre – Mount Fuji


The Rainbow Serpent and The Plumed Serpent

This is the last in the trilogy of attunements


Combined, the path of the Rainbow Serpent and the path of the Plumed Serpent, runs right around the earth. They link up to form a pathway through all of the sacred earth Chakras.


This is a beautiful system of attunements and makes us feel humble and connected.


You will receive:

◊ the Sacred Earth Chakras zipped manuals

◊ 7 distant attunements that can be received via the orb of light method or in real time – info sheets

contained within the zipped file

◊ an emailed certificate upon completion

◊ on-going support

Sacred Earth Chakras

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