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**Pre-requisite – Reiki Master (Usui, Angelic, Seichim or similar)


By Djwal Khul to Michele Blanc & Elise Prevot


The teachings of the Seven Pearls of Reiki, transmitted by the basis of channelling by Ascended Master Djwal Khul, is a new lineage of Reiki which permits to access the healing of the heart.


This transmission brings us back to our forgotten, very ancient sources of Knowledge dating back to Atlantis and Lemuria. It permits us to reconnect to our hidden memories where we transmitted, as Light Workers of the 4th Dimension, the Love Energy of our Diamond Heart.


Seven new symbols are introduced during the attunement to the Seven Pearls of Reiki. An important vibration will be revealed after receiving the attunements and will permit deeper healing sessions as well as aid with your commitment to serve this Divine Plane.


The teachings of the Seven Pearls of Reiki permits the integration of the Energy of the new symbols and of the Ascended Masters. At the end of the training, you will be able to teach this wonderful system.


Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the healing energy for yourself and others, and also attune others to this system.


You will receive:

◊ the Seven Pearls of Reiki zipped manual

◊ 1 distant attunement that can be received via the orb of light method or in real time – info sheets contained within the zipped file

◊ an emailed certificate upon completion

◊ on-going support

Seven Pearls of Reiki

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