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The Shield of Archangel Michael connects you to the power and energies of Archangel Michael and surrounds you with his love and protection.


While you do not need an attunement to call on Archangel Michael for any reason, this attunement will connect you to him in a powerful way and strengthen any connections to him that you may already have.


You will learn how to use the symbol to invoke Archangel Michael’s protection quickly and powerfully for yourself, others, animals, plants, your home, your finances and anything else you may want to protect.


You will also understand how to shield yourself and others against any form of negative energies, people, etc. You will be guided as to how to release your fears and embrace the future with confidence.


You will receive:

◊ the Shield of Archangel Michael zipped manual

◊ 1 distant attunement that can be received via the orb of light method or in real time – info sheets contained within the zipped file

◊ an emailed certificate upon completion

◊ on-going support

Shield of Archangel Michael

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